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About SnapDesk


The SnapDesk is your work from home solution that will help you stay productive and on task.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported SnapDesk. It is never easy to embark in a new business adventure, but your support has made it all worth it!

We are doing our best to keep you working and help you be productive....it's better to work at a SnapDesk desk than on your kitchen bench.

We have manufactured over 100 desk in 3 weeks. Huge thanks to our clients helping us to bring manufacturing back to Australia.
We believe that Australia has a huge potential to create and manufacture amazing products, to not only improve our lifestyle but also our economy. Supporting local Australian businesses is the key to grow together as a nation. 

We have now started manufacturing on larger scale and have large stock holdings, this means we can offer them at even more affordable price.

Delivery time 2 days.

Keep in touch. Glad to help you where ever we can.
easy to assemble computer desk